The Original Tahini & Halva

Since 1929

The story began...

When new immigrants from Turkey, Greece and Russia, come together in a small factory in Tel Aviv. Each of them comes with his own Knowledge, methods and skills of producing tahini and oil. For This gathering, the name “Achva” was born meaning brotherhood in Hebrew.
Three years later, the first mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, named the street in which the factory was located under the factory name.


Achva expanded the line of products and start producing Halva In the days of shortage of food Halva was the best solution since it contains protein, vitamins, minerals and the major food groups. Halva became a basic food at breakfast time, and every sandwich that was prepared for children in their food bags, contained Halva. In those days, Halva used as a food more than a sweet.


The world discover Achva
Achva make a decision in order to expand and to develop we need to start selling out of sea. The factory becomes a regular participant at international food exhibitions worldwide, investing considerable resources in developing new products, upgrading packaging and manufacturing standards to the highest quality.


No more salt!

As part of the health trend develop, the factory has decided to separate from the traditional methods and the rest of the tahini manufactures and stop using salt in the products. It was a without salt Achva tahini become more healthy and attractive without arm the flavor and quality. This move define Achva tahini from the rest of the tahini’s until today.


Achva build a new pastries factory As part of an extension, the company build a new modern pastries factory. This move expanded significantly the variety of line of products the capabilities of the company.


New factory established
The factory builds one of the largest and most modern food factories in Israel. The factory’s variety of products includes Halva, raw Tahini, organic products, sugar-free products, tahini spreads, a variety of sponge cakes and yeast cake, home-made cakes, drinking syrups and a variety of candies.


Additional Tahini factory was build
In order to meet the demand the company build an addition tahini factory. The new factory considered the most advance tahini factory in the world. It rise the Production capabilities up to 4 tons of tahini per hour.

Its all about the seed

Over 90 years of experience of manufacturing sesame-based products, from the early stages in the farm until filling premium tahini, Achva team develop unique technologies and methods for making delicacies and healthy products.
The secret hide in the seeds. Achva escort the farmers from sowing stage until the harvest, involving in each stage of the process.
Achva agronomist support the farmers in improving the quality of the seeds and upgrading growing methods. The sesame import from Ethiopia directly from a region named Humera which known in his sweet and delicacies seeds. Achva team develop fully automated process to produce premium tahini, enjoining the full nutritional benefits of the seed, divide Achva’s tahini from the rest. Achva consider a leader manufacture of sesame products. With a factory, over 200K square feet, capacity of over 4 tons per hour of tahini and equipped with cutting edge machinery and equipment. Achva R&D consistently focusing on innovation in the sesame world create a new